Overview Slot Players: Feeding the Fury! Iron Dog Studio, a developer of casino games,

has released a new online slot with a fish of war theme called Feeding Fury. This slot has nothing to do with fishing, but it does contain a wide variety of aquatic creatures. Iron Dog Studio has developed the game with a comical slant to soften the intensity of the anger, so while there is plenty of eating and rage, it’s all good for a chuckle. Let’s be clear: unlike Fishin’ Frenzy, the goal of this slot machine is not to gather as many coins as possible. Instead, the focus of Feeding Fury is on the unpredictable Shark Attacks that occur in the main game and the Feed or Die bonus round, which does include a collecting element.

All of Feeding Fury’s protagonists have some connection to the ocean, therefore the most of the story takes place below the surface, where weeds bob and bubbles rise from the sand. The rest of the scene is somewhat unremarkable: a wavy surface, some blue, and no sign of land at the top. You needn’t worry; the fish on the reels are cartoonish to the point of being downright goofy, and the soundtrack is reminiscent of a Wild West movie.

Feeding Fury’s default theoretical return to player figure is 96.11% (lower RTP variants are possible, so always check the paytable), and upon further investigation, we discover the beating core of its medium/high volatile math model. The game takes place on a straightforward 5-reel, 3-row, active panel with 10 fixed paylines for regular line winnings. You can get the rage going on any platform, from mobile to desktop, with a stake of 10 p/c to £/€50 every spin.

There are 10 standard pay symbols in Feeding Fury, five high and five low. The lows are a deck of 10 A cards that has been nibbled on, while the high payouts are three unique fish, a dolphin, and a squid. The payout for a winning line of five identical symbols ranges from 3x the stake for the premiums to 10x the bet for a line of card symbols. Finally, the shark appears on all five reels as a wild card. Five wild sharks can double your wager by 15, and they can also replace any other symbol.

Featured in Slots to Feed Your Anger

While some feeding does occur in the main game, the real power of the rage comes out during the Feed or Die bonus round. Moreover, gamers should be on the lookout for the Shark Attack ad-on.

Threat of Sharks

In the standard game, Shark Attacks occur at random. When triggered, wild symbols consume the obstacles they encounter as they swim to the left across the grid. If two wilds appear in the same row and one of them moves over the other, the multiplier for the first wild is raised.

Eat or be eaten.

Scatters of the Feeding Fury logo appear on all reels, and getting 3, 4, or 5 of them triggers the Feed or Die feature with 3, 4, or 5 lives, accordingly. In Feed or Die, a Collector Shark occupies the board’s central position, gobbling up every landed fish to increase the player’s score. The Collector Shark can catch fish from a distance. A life is lost if the Collector Shark reaches the end of a round without seeing any fish symbols. When the required amount of points is accumulated in a single spin, the round advances to the next of three difficulty levels, which are unlocked when fish are eaten and added to the collecting system.

The Collector Shark appears as a 1×1 icon on Level 1.

All valuables collected by The Collector Shark at Level 2 are multiplied by a global multiplier of x2.

The Collector Shark is a 3×2 symbol at Level 3, and its global multiplier for gathered values is x5. The Hammerhead Shark is also available after doing so. After consuming a Hammerhead Shark, the global multiplier will rise by a factor of 2.

Until all lives are gone or the maximum number of victories is reached, the Feed or Die function will keep going.

Fury, Fed; The Case for the Slot

There are a number of fishing slots, but Feeding Fury is unlike any other. To begin with, it differs from games like Fishin’ Frenzy and the Big Bass/Bigger Bass series in several key respects. Trying something new doesn’t necessarily hurt it. Feeding Fury’s approach to business is unique in comparison to more conventional fishing methods, and that’s a good thing.

However, the game of Feeding Fury is still easy enough that you can just cast off and see what the ocean provides. While the inclusion of Shark Attacks in the main game increases its replay value, the fish, animations, and overall comedic tone are among of the game’s most enjoyable features. Unlike more common household pets like cats and dogs, fish in Feeding Fury have vivid personalities and are full of energy.

The Feed or Die game was also rather lively, and getting to level 2 posed no great challenges; level 3 was more challenging. Leveling up has many advantages and disadvantages. The global multiplier increases, yet a larger Collector Shark on the grid has no useful effect other than to use more physical space. In contrast to the growing rabbit in Fat Rabbit, for example, The Collector Shark may consume fish regardless of their proximity to it. Unfortunately, the enlargement makes the game’s win ceiling of 5,434 times the stake much harder to reach.

Overall, Feeding Fury was a great game. It’s got personality, a unique spin on things, and offers seafaring fans a new chance to rack up wins over the opposition.